Windsurf sail and kites repairs

Between windsurfers and kitesurfers around the world, Gran Canaria is famous for its perfect all year round conditions, with strong wind and sometimes up to mast hight waves.

These perfect conditions are generated in the summer by constantly strong Northeast Trade Winds(Alisios) and in winter by the East winds in Maspalomas and Salinas.

Strong winds and big waves can take their toll on your equipment, especially on your sail, sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller...  In Pozowinds we offer You great reapir service for Your windsurf sails, kites and most importantly the peace of mind that Your gear has been repaired by professional sail maker.

Seriousness and professionalism in the treatment of your material, at your fingertips.

Pozowinds sail loft for windsurf sail repairs

The huge Pozowinds sail loft which is equipped with a 20 square meter table and  two of “Bernina 217” – a professional sewing machine for straight stitching, zigzag and triple stitching, with which we can rebuild original profile and form of each sail.

Triple stitching is extremely robust and perfect at keeping the lengths of the sail tightly together. Zigzag stitching, on the contrary, is applied to less pressured areas of the sail such as leeches and batten pockets. Famous sail designers from around the world use the same sewing machine and equipment as us!

Pozowinds always stock the very latest materials to carry out sail repairs i.e. conventional monofilm, x-ply, dacron, Trinity TX, ect,

counting on the new materials that different brands of the market are using.

For what more could You ask?

Just bring Your sail or kite to Pozowinds and You won´t waste any minute out of the water. It doesn´t matter if it is just small scratch on mast pocket or completly pulled of clew, we can fixed almost every sail! Come to Pozo and check us by Yourself!

Ask for a estimated cost of the reparation without any commitment.

Your Pozowinds Team.