Surfboard rental

The Canary Islands consist of seven large islands. These islands are widely regarded as the some of the very best surfing locations in Europe. A selection of the worlds top surfers and body boarders frequently visit Gran Canaria to surf in these world class conditions.

Pozowinds will provide you with the surfboard of your choice, we have a wide range of boards to suit everyone from beginner to expert. Typical board brands we stock are Firewire, KT-surfing and Torq. With their expert local knowledge, the Pozowinds surf team will be able to advise you on the very best locations to surf in Gran Canaria.

Check out the surfing action in the Canary Islands by looking at these pictures and watching the video:

Also Pozowinds is the only Firewire test center of Gran Canaria, where you can try all the surfboards from the leading australian brand before buying. This way you will always be sure that what you buy is what works for you.

Also here in Pozowinds are avaible new boards in timbertek technology. This is making them most ecology surfboards in the world.

Firewire/Torq/KT-Surfing and others shortboards Price
1 hour 10€
2 hours 13€
1 day 20€
2 days 30€
3 days 40€
4 days 50€
5 days 60€
6 days 70€
7 days 75€
Soft surfboards & Mini Malibus Price
1 hour 5€
2 hours 8€
1 day 15€
2 days 25€
3 days 35€
4 days 45€
5 days 55€
6 days 65€
7 days 70€