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Pozo Improvement Clinics




Pozo Improvement Clinics


Other windsurfers starts planning earlier than You even if You have bigger gear? You would like to finish jibes and tacks? Your dream is forward loop or wave riding but You don´t know how to start it? You are in the right place! We are able to help You on every level



Our mainly clinics playgrounds are: main spot in Pozo and our flat water spot in Bahia de Formas. If there are better conditions in any other spot for our lesson, we can always organize it in different place.

For who?

Our Improvments Clinics are for everybody who would like to easly and efficiently improve windsurfing skills. Our instructors are able to help You with ¨freeride issues¨ like planning technics and sailing position, what will make Your sessions much more efforrless and more enjoyable, how to use footstraps, jibes, tacks, but as well they will be more than happy to initiate You into the waves: going through the shorebreak, supervised You and help with all small mistake which makes Your life more difficult. In case You already know all of it, we do have a great news! Our team is ready for more advanced windsurfers as well. We can teach You almost all waves moves, from floaty jump(which is a key to any other jumps) through forward or backloop to waveriding: backside cut, bottom and top turn, cut back, taka etc. 



Each session has three parts:

  • First one on a beach with short theory about what You want to improve or learn.
  • Second one(the most exiting one) takes part in water, where You are sailing together with Bartek who is recording You all the time with a GoPro on his helmet. After 2-4 rides You stop for corrections and tips.
  • Third part, as important as other, video analysis. In this way You can check exactly mistake about You heard before during second part and see Your progress.During Your session we will be more than happy to answer all of Your questions regarding windsurfing, as well as help You set Your gear properly. You will be surprise how big influence has gear setup, such as properly prepared footstraps, correct position and size of harness lines or fins position, for Your progress and way of sailing.






With whom?

To anybody who was in our shop we don´t have to introduce Javi and Bartek. First of them is one the main faces of Pozowinds and taking care of school in Bahia de Formas and second one is normally taking care of our rental, but we cannot forget that he has more than 10 years of experience in teaching and he worked in places like Fuerteventura, Brasil, Egypt, Greece, Poland and of course Gran Canaria. So doesn´t matter if You want to improve Your planning/jibing technics, some freestyle moves, wave riding or jumping they definitely are Your guys. If You speak English, Spanish or Polish there will be no problem with communication either.



Javi Espin Loira

35 years of windsurfing experience

Graduated at physical education college

Licensed windsurf instructor

Favourite spot: Pozo Izquierdo

Favourite monouver: backloop

Speaks Spanish and English

Bartek Sarnowski

15 years of windsurfing experience 

Licensed windsurf instructor

Favorite spot Scarborough, Cape Town

Favorite manouver: stalled forward, flaka, taka

Speaks Polish, English and Spanish






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Sessions Time Price
1 session 1,5 hour 70€
2 sessions 1,5 hour each 65€ each
3 sessions or more 1,5 hour each 60€ each


3 Person Group


Sessions Time Price
1 session 2 hour 50€
2 sessions or more 2 hour each 45€


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