SUP rent in Gran Canaria

The SUP is the latest fashionable sport worldwide and has reached Gran Canaria Pozowinds’s hand.

That sport has more followers every day, whether just crusing on the flat water, picking up small waves, or surfing on big peaks is a sport that pleases everyone for it´s accessibility. The SUP is a very complete sport, in which you exercise almost all the muscles of the body, that is suitable for all ages and Gran Canaria offers perfect conditions for its practice. From 9 to 99 years, in any physical condition all can SUP. Come and try it in Pozowinds all you need is the desire, we will take care of the rest. We will advise you with the right stuff, we’ll show you what you need and let you know which is the best place to practice.

The SUP is a very fun sport, a leisurely stroll from the bay day with little wind. In no time you could ride fluently with the board and paddle for a walk. Enjoy the feeling of planning above water while you exercise your body and relax your mind listening to the sea. It is perfect to start small wave surfing days, with the SUP you can surf all, even the smallest peaks. The more intrepid will also find a new challenge if you decide to go further in larger waves, where SUP offers and unique sensations.

We can offer for our clients big choice of boards from brands like Fanatic SUP and Quatro SUP.


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Fanatic and Quatro SUPs Price
1 hour 8€
2 hours 14€
1 day 20€
1 week 90€

* SUP equipment is for free for clients with windsurfing rental.

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