Surf lessons

Learn surfing waves not just standing up


Are you tired of the wind? Or just want to try something else? Surfing is the sport with most tradition in watersports and is part of the culture in Gran Canaria. Learn to surf with sunny weather, sandy beaches and perfect waves. If you come here you can not waste the opportunity to make a surf course.


The Pozowinds instructors team

Pozowinds offers you learning with highly qualified and experienced instructor. Through experience and dedication to the sport, we have refined our learning methods to offer the best possible lessons.




Eduardo Espin Marchal

20 years of surfing

Certified windsurf and surfing instructor

Favourite spot: Mosca Point

Favourite manouver: surfing

Speaks Spanish and English

Our Courses

We arrange everything from a one day surf trip courses for beginners to intermediate/ advanced courses or clinics. Our lessons are for everyone. We will start with an explanation on the beach before we go to the water. You will learn paddling, understanding the ocean and wave selection and the goal is to be standing up the first day.


Advanced surf lessons and clinics:


If you want to push your limits and take your surfing to the next level, we offer advanced courses and clinics. Our clinics are individualized, using high performance coaching technique adapted to your level.

The location varies depending on the conditions. Each day we will look for the most suitable beach with the best waves. We will make sure you will have a fun and safe learning in quiet beaches around the island, always trying to stay away from the tourist beaches.

Beginner Course

Beginner Course - from the first day you will be standing up

  • Paddling
  • Standing up
  • Ocean knowledge and wave selection
  • Security
Advanced course / clinic

Private course / clinic



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Beginner course

10 h (2 h x 5)

140 €


One class

2 h

35 €


Advanced course / clinic

2 h

70 € / 1 sesh, 130 € / 2 sesh


Pre-booking: all courses are booked one day in advance. The clinics needs to be especially arranged with the instructor. All bookings can be made through the shop or through this web page.


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  • 35119 Santa Lucía de Tirajana
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