Personalised photography

Your personalized photo-book in the water

Under the famous nick-name “Territorio Comanche” you´ll find our professional photographer Fernando, who has dedicated all his life to sports photography, being a passionate lover of windsurfing and other water sports as well. Fernando has spent more than 40 years in sports mass media, making reports of different sports events from marathons to basket and soccer games for the biggest magazines and newspapers.

He is also famous in Pozo Izquierdo and all over the world due to his water reports published in his Facebook and his small blog.

Fernando made photos to world´s number one windsurfers: Philip Köster, Daida and Iballa Ruano Moreno, Victor Fernández, Gollito Estredo, and the rest of the respected list of a world windsurfing championship PWA. The best pics of Pozo have his signature. During all the year, especially in summer, as long as the wind is blowing, Territorio Comanche is in his “place” pointing his camera lens to the most radical wave, the highest jump, the most crazy and sophisticated trick!

But not only professional windsurfers are worth of his camera! You can feel as a pro, too, ordering your own “full equip” book!

With our service of personalised photos you will have a high quality album that will immortalise your best moments in the water, as well as a nice memory of the island and one of your life´s best vacations! You can order photography “in action”, or photos with your family, couple or friends, or a completely professional devised personal photo-book, to feel yourself like a top model on a cover of a magazine! The best result and satisfaction are one hundred percent guaranteed!

How many times did you whip through magazines and webs thinking of what a wonderful experience it would make to have a photo of that jump or that surfing session, those beaches, that day you took few classes of a water activity? Now it´s completely available for you: you have an opportunity to get photos that will occupy their prominent place as posters at your home, in your family album or as your profile pics in social reds.

Come and check it up by your own!

The price of this service is from 60 Euros for a personalised photo album without a limit on a quantity of photos. Ask for more information in our shop.