Great White Twin
The new Twin from Kelly Slater designs / Firewire

The eleven-time world champion launches his new twin fin, the Firewire Great White Twin, a twin fin inspired by the shape of the great white shark.

K4 Fins have been shredding some serious waves
K4 Fins have been shredding some serious waves, and no one makes it look more impressive then K4 Rider Thomas Traversa!

Check out his insane clip from his epic trip to Brittany and how is he rewarded with some amazing conditions! Thomas uses mainly the Scorcher rears and Shark2 fronts, which You can get together with other K4 fins in our shop! Pozowinds team waits for You ...

El Tomo Fish
The El Tomo fish is a redux of the classic Tomo Fighter Jet Fish.

This time with a dedicated quad-fin set up, for maximum versatility. It is designed to excel in the smaller end of the wave range, when conditions lack power and require some extra inspiration. It features a classic, performance fish outline spliced with the trademark Tomo multi-concave hull design which results in smooth, speedy transitions. High-performance moments are on tap due to the freely releasing, bump wing to double-diamond tail profile ...

DuoTone Harness series
DuoTone Windsurfing and DuoTone Kitesurfing with improvements!

DuoTone Windsurfing and DuoTone Kitesurfing in cooperation with ION made 2 models based on theirs bestsellers, just adding some improvements! DTW Radium Team Serie The revolutionary Thermo Composite CURV material is a totally new innovation in harness development and sets a new benchmark in design and performance ...

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