Beginner Course

Beginner Course - from the first day you will be on the water:

  • Knowledge and rigging of equipment
  • Theory on a simulator
  • Jibe
  • Tack
  • Beach start
  • Safety


Kids Course

Kids Course (age 7-12) - a course adapted for kids:

  • Special learning methods for kids
  • Material especially for kids
  • One instructor per child


One Class

One Class - beginner to intermediate:

  • Knowledge and rigging of equipment
  • Theory on simulator
  • Jibe


Refresher Course

Refresher Course - for improving and refreshing:

  • Position
  • Going upwind and downwind
  • Fast tack
  • Good jibe
  • Harness
  • Deep water beach start / water start


Clinic - private lesson

Clinic - private lesson on flat water

  • Video recorded
  • Improve the sailing position
  • Water start
  • Jibe
  • Tack
  • Jumps


Clinic - Advanced level

Clinic—advanced level

  • Teacher: Valentio Pasquale – PWA World Champion sub 20
  • Video recorded (Gopro 4k)
  • Forward loop
  • Back loop
  • Surfing
  • Mistakes review

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Windsurfing School

Enjoy learning with our team!


Begin in a unique sport by the hand of our qualified and professional team, with the best conditions. At Pozowinds we have the latest generation equipment, which will make learning easier for you. Practice windsurfing during a didactic lesson, in a safe environment. The spot called Bahía de Formas is located just a few minutes away from the shop, where you can find our school. On the island of Gran Canaria, we have more than 300 days of wind annually, which will make sure that your lessons take place. Learn from zero or improve your technique if you have a higher level. From the first lesson you will be in the water!

The perfect location

Our courses take place in Bahía de Formas, an excellent place to learn and improve your windsurfing skills. It is located in Gran Canaria, the windiest island in the Canary Islands, just 4 km from one of the most famous spots in the windsurfing world, Pozo Izquierdo.

Come to Bahía de Formas for windsurfing because:

  • The flat water makes it easy to learn and safety. This makes this spot ideal for freeride, slalom, freestyle, and foil. 
  • As there are many days of constant wind, the learning process will be faster and much more exciting.
  • Each student will have the right equipment for their level, weight, and height. During the lesson, the instructor will change the equipment according to the student's progress and conditions.


Choose the shift that best suits your timetable!

Classes do not have to be consecutive. They can be held according to your availability.








12:00- 14:00 13:00 - 15:00

12:00 - 14:00

13:00 - 15:00

12:00 - 14:00

12:00 - 14:00

12:00 - 14:00

14:00-16:00 15:30-17:30






Our Courses

Pozowinds offers lessons for all ages and levels (children from 7 years old). Each student will receive personalized and specific attention according to their stage of evolution. You can always keep learning with Pozowinds, no matter if you are just starting in planing, waterstart or keeping the direction. During the lessons you will be provided with the equipment (wetsuit, shoes, harness, and life jacket) and the right material according to your level and conditions. For the beginners course, we have a maximum of 3 students for each instructor, on the other hand, the children will have an exclusive and individual teacher.

Each class will start with a quick theory and practical explanation on the simulator. Then we go straight into the water. During the lesson you will receive instructions from the instructor, and you will change equipment as many times as you need to, as you progress during the lesson. 

Our goal, as well as offering an effective teaching system, is to create a meeting point where students can come and learn to windsurf in a healthy and sporty environment.

Our Instructors Team

In Pozowinds we are extremely proud to have achieved that so many students have not only learned to sail, also to enjoy this incredible sport. The wide experience of our instructors and their love for windsurfing is shown in the learning process of our students.

Néstor Macías
Néstor Macías
20 years sailing Windsurfing qualified instructor Favorite spot: Pozo Izquierdo Favorite move: Surfing Speaks Spanish and English
Javi Espin Loira
Javi Espin Loira
35 years sailing Graduate in physical education Windsurfing qualified instructor Favorite spot: Pozo Izquierdo Favorite move: Backloop Speaks Spanish and English
Tine Hansen
Tine Hansen
10 years sailing Windsurfing qualified instructor Favorite spot: Pozo Izquierdo Favorite move: Surfing Speaks Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, and English
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez
15 years sailing Windsurfing qualified instructor Favorite spot: Puerto Lajas Favorite move: Surfing Speaks Spanish and English

Our Equipment

Pozowinds has, from less than 25 metres from the shore, two mobile units, with a wide range of equipment for all levels. For beginners, we have Goya and Fantatic boards from 260l to 150l, with daggerboard. For your first day, you will have a big and stable board, which will give you the security and balance you need in the initiation stage. Afterward, you will use progressively smaller volumes (150/160l) with footstraps and without daggerboard. For experienced riders we have freeride boards, slalom boards from 140l to 95l and freewave boards from 115l to 68l. If what you want is windsurfing foil, we have two foils Fanatic (90cm) and MFC (76/86cm).

Regarding the sails, we have sizes from 0.8m² for children, up to 8.0m² for light wind days. Our sails are top of the range, light and strong, designed for learning, which will ensure that you will have the right material for the class.  The brands we work with are Goya, Simmer Style and Duotone.


Our Prices

It is not necessary to use the classes of the Packages consecutively. We can adapt to your availability.





Beginner Package

10 h (2 h x 5)

150 €


Kids Package

10 h (2(1) x 5)

150 €


One single class

2 h

38 €


Refresh Package 

10 h (2 h x 5)

150 €


Clinic - private lesson

1,5 h

45 €


Clinic - jumps and surfing

1,5 h

70 €/1 sesh, 130 €/ 2 sesh


Pre-booking: All courses must be booked in advance through the shop, by phone or WhatsApp, or via this website. For clinics, special arrangements must be made with the instructor.

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