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The Pozowinds windsurfing school offers you the best learning methods with a professional instructors team, and equipment especially designed for learning.

We offer a full money back guarantee to all beginner windsurfers if we are unable to get you standing up and sailing on a windsurf board within 24 hours.

The perfect location

Our courses are held in Bahia de Formas, an exceptional place, which is located in Gran Canaria, the windiest island of the Canary islands, only 4 kilometers from one of the most famous spots in the world of windsurfing, POZO IZQUIERDO. It is a flat-water spot, which makes it ideal for beginners, freeride, slalom, freestyle or foil. For learning it is especially ideal because:

  • The flat water makes it really easy to learn.

  • By having a good wind intensity the process of learning is much more fun and efficient.

    You can reach the level of planning a lot faster than other spots in the world.

  • The material are very close to the shore, facilitating any equipment change that is necessary during the class. This will help further progression in the students.


Our Courses

Pozowinds offer classes at all ages and levels. Each student will have individualized attention depending on his level, no matter if you are a complete beginner, learning the waterstart or want to improve your sailing position. The classes provides the students with the equipment necessary ( wetsuit, shoes, harness, life jacket etc.), and the appropriate material for the level of the student and the strength of the wind. For the beginner course we have a maximum of 3 students per instructor, and for kids we have  always 1 instructor per child. 

Each class will begin with a theoretical and practical explanation on a simulator, going through the goals of the day. We also go through everything about safety. Then we will go to the water to practice. During the class you will receive instructions from the instructor and your material will be changed as many times as necessary for good and fast progress.

Our goal is not only to offer an effective windsurf education, but also to create a meeting point where the students can come to learn and improve windsurfing in a healthy, friendly and sporty enviroment.

Private windsurfing lessons and clinics:

Good windsurfing is based on technique and feeling. It is easy to get bad habits that can stop your progress. Pozowinds offer improvement lessons and clinics during which you will never stop learning, no matter what your level is. Our clinics are held both in Bahia de Formas and in Pozo. 

Pozowinds will record you using high definition cameras while you are windsurfing and continually help you to learn and improve. In particual we pride ourselves of helping advanced students achieve their goals such as forward loops, back loops, wave riding and smooth lay down carve jibes. For more information visit our windsurfing clinics website.

Beginner Course

Beginner Course - from the first day you will be on the water:

  • Knowledge and rigging of equipment
  • Theory on a simulator
  • Jibe
  • Tack
  • Beach start
  • Safety


Kids Course

Kids Course (age 7-12) - a course adapted for kids:

  • Special learning methods for kids
  • Material especially for kids
  • One instructor per child


One Class

One Class - beginner to intermediate:

  • Knowledge and rigging of equipment
  • Theory on simulator
  • Jibe


Refresher Course

Refresher Course - for improving and refreshing:

  • Position
  • Going upwind and downwind
  • Fast tack
  • Good jibe
  • Harness
  • Deep water beach start / water start


Clinic - private lesson

Clinic - private lesson on flat water

  • Video recorded
  • Improve the sailing position
  • Water start
  • Jibe
  • Tack
  • Jumps


Clinic - Jumps and Surfing

Clinic - private lesson in jumps and surfing

  • Video recorded
  • Forward loop
  • Back loop
  • Push loop
  • Waveriding
  • Waveriding manoeuvres


The Pozowinds instructors team

Pozowinds are very proud to have achieved that many students not only have learned to sail, but are hooked on this wonderful sport. The long experience of the instructors and their love for windsurfing is reflected in the way of teaching. Apart from actively sailing all year long, all the teachers have in-depth knowledge of windsurfing and are certified Instructors.


Javi Espin Loira

35 years of windsurfing experiance

Graduated at physical education college

Licensed windsurf instructor

Favourite spot: Pozo Izquierdo

the manouver he likes most is backloop

Speaks Spanish and English

Edu Espin Marchal

15 years of windsurfing

Licensed windsurf instructor

Favourite spot: Mosca Point

Favorite manouver: surfing

Speaks Spanish and English

Tine Hansen

10 years of windsurfing

Licensed windsurf instructor

Favourite spot: Pozo Izquierdo

Favorite manouver: surfing

Speaks Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Spanish and English

Bartek Sarnowski

15 years of windsurfing

Licensed windsurf instructor

Favorite spot: Scarborough, Cape Town

Favorite manouver: stalled forward, taka, flaka

Speaks Polish, English, German and Spanish

Miguel Sánchez

15 years of windsurfing 

Specialized technician in rigging material

Favourite spot: Puerto Lajas

Favorite manouver: surfing

Speaks Spanish and English


Windsurfing school equipment


Parked 25 m from the shore, Pozowinds has two mobile units with a wide variety of material for all levels. For beginners we have Goya and Fanatic boards from 260l to 150l, all boards has a daggerboard. The biggest boards are very stable and are used for adults during their first day, or as a tandem-board for smaller kids to share it with instructor. Our smaller beginner boards (150/160l) has footstraps and are normally used for people who are in the fase of starting to plan, use harness and with the footstraps.

Further we have freeride and freerace/slalom boards between 140l and 95l. and freewave boards with liters between 115 and 68. For rental or lesson we have two foils, Fanatic 90 cm, and MFC 76/86 cm. 

We have sails of all sizes from 0.8 for children to big sails with more than 8 m², also slalom sails with cambers. Brands which you can use there are Goya, Simmer Style and Duotone. The sails are all high-quality wave and freeride sails for all levels, suitable to the wind conditions of Bahia de Formas.


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Beginner course

10 h (2 h x 5)

140 €


Kids course

10 h (2(1) x 5)

140 €


One class

2 h

35 €


Refresher course

10 h (2 h x 5)

140 €


Clinic - private lesson

1,5 h

45 €


Clinic - jumps and surfing

1,5 h

70 €/1 sesh, 130 €/ 2 sesh


Pre-booking: all courses are booked one day in advance. The clinics needs to be especially arranged with the instructor. All bookings can be made through the shop or through this web page.


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  • Pozowinds Windsurfing Center
  • Las Bajas, 75 Pozo Izquierdo
  • 35119 Santa Lucía de Tirajana
  • (+34) 928 155 009