Windsurfing Boards
Cube 6 Carbon & S-Glass.
Control Quad
Real world speed for onshore wave performance.

This 6th generation has the biggest performance upgrade yet with the new V-Double-Single bottom shape, increasing speed and grip with the same easy to use volume distribution and compact outline to fit into the tightest pocket.

Available in 74, 78, 82, 86, 92, 102 liters.

IWT and PWA World Cup Approved.

Carbon & S-Glass Hull technology, Vacuum lamination.

All new Quatro ® US finboxes, custom made, ultra light: 4x 5.5”.

All new MFC ® fins and footstraps.

All new KT Surfing ® Single to Dual Density Traction Pads, sloped, segmented, tactile grooved, ultra light.

Hyper Skin GW, High Density Full Sandwich.

Carbon Monocoque, connecting masttrack and stance to rails and bottom, forming a cohesive whole.

Available in Metallic Silver and Neon Yellow Tech-Reveal GW finish over Carbon, with inverted artwork and charcoal pads.