Windsurfing Boards
Goya One 12 Carbon
Freewave Thruster
The best of all worlds, fusing the best traits of each of our new boards into one. Explosive speed, range, and ultimate comfort. You and the One.

The recipe for the One starts with a Custom Thruster base shape, adding a Slalom Rocker and installing Bump & Jump freeriding geometry. Building on our latest progressive wave shapes, generation 12 of the One has become more agile than ever, while not compensating through reduced speed. Quite the opposite, the One is lighter and packs more fastness than ever before. Removed deck sticker for lightness and sustainability, Powerbox for lightness and strength. Essentially the best of all worlds, fusing the best traits of each of our boards into one. The One 12 Carbon. Generation 12. Combining explosive speed, range, and ultimate comfort. Ridable with the center straps or outboard straps, as a thruster or single fin. The new volume displacement, reduced weight, increased waterflow, and new compact outline bring all the power right below the rider. Improving agility and comfort on those longer, choppy runs. Transitioning seamlessly from planing to flying over chop to jibing is second nature to the One, to you and the One.

Available in 77, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125 liters.

Pro Carbon GW Construction, Carbon & S-Glass Hull technology, Vacuum lamination.

Finboxes: 1x Power Box + 2x Mini Tuttle.

All new KT Surfing ® Single to Dual Density Traction Pads, sloped, segmented, tactile grooved, ultra light.

All new MFC ® fins and footstraps.

Inboard and outboard strap position inserts.

Hyper Skin GW, High Density Full Sandwich.

Carbon Monocoque, connecting masttrack and stance to rails and bottom, forming a cohesive whole.

Available in Neon Blue Tech-Reveal GW finish over Carbon, with Fluo Lime artwork and black pads.