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Duotone NEO
Duotone NEO
The Neo is the benchmark for wave kitesurfing.
The Neo is the benchmark of wave kitesurfing, incredible drift, total control at all times and the ability to perform at podium levels in the waves and for freestyle without risers. For years the Neo has been the wave kite by which all others are measured; the unique combination of power, control and drift characteristics have made it the wave kite that everyone wants to ride. As freestyle freestyle without risers has evolved as a discipline, so has the kite. There are soft, medium and hard setting options, allowing you to set the kite to suit the conditions of the day and your personal preferences. In hard mode the kite offers a powerful loop that is easy to control, while the soft mode improves turning speed and drifting ability. The legendary drift has made the kite incredibly successful in the waves; this, combined with unrivalled steering response, allows the kite to perform in both offshore and onshore conditions. Designer Ken Winner has spent years developing these features into the kite, always striving for perfection. The weight of the kite has been optimised to increase performance and the kite reacts instantly to bar input.