Kitesurf school Gran Canaria

Kitesurf school in Gran Canaria


Gran Canaria has exceptionally good conditions for kitesurfing and freestyle kiteboarding all year round. It is widely known that Gran Canaria is one of the best places in the world to learn and progress in the sport of kitesurfing so we set a kitesurf school to help you improve with your kite skills.



Kitesurfing courses


Pozowinds has a kitesurf school wich offers tuition and classes for all different ages and kitesurfing abilities.




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Kitesurfing can be potentially dangerous. It is important to take an introduction course to kitesurfing thus learning key aspects such as kite control and safety.  Once our students have gained a knowledge of the fundamentals of kitesurfing they can then safely develop and progress in the sport.

Kitesurfing initiation course

Kitesurfing initiation course

  • Kite control
  • Working with the wind window edge
  • Rig up equipment
  • Kite launching
  • Auto rescue
  • Prevent and avoid possible problems


Kitsurf Trial Lesson

Kitesurf Trial Lesson

  • Private classes the minimum time to hire is 3 hours.
  • Jump Techniques
  • Surf maneuvers
  • Freestyle
  • Race regatta techniques


Kitesurfing advance class

Kitesurfing advance class:

  • Minimum 3 hours on Private class.
  • Jumps
  • Surfing maneuvres
  • Freestyle
  • Race


Kitesurfing is a suitable sport for everyone. It is not necessary to be in excellent physical condition, all we ask is that you can swim. Typically it takes about 10 hours to learn to kitesurf but this is dependent on your predisposition level, plus the wind and water conditions. All of the following is included within our quoted prices: all kitesurfing equipment, wetsuit, civil liability insurance and accident insurance..


Our instructors

Our kitesurf school counts with some of the best local instructors wich are certified by international organizations. With more than 14 years practicing kitesurfing, Juan “El Cristalero” is well-known as one of the kitesurfing ground-breakers in Gran Canaria.


Pozowinds offer semi private kitesurfing courses during which you will never stop learning no matter what your level of kitesurfing. The combination of using the very best equipment (DuoTone) and getting the very best tuition allows Pozowinds students to learn and quickly improve.




The exact location of the Pozowinds kitesurfing courses change depending on the weather conditions and individual needs of our students. We normally sail seven days a week. The sand and safe beaches of Las Terrazas, Las Burras and San Agustín are our preferred locations.




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Classes Time Price
Trial lesson* 3 hours 90€
Basic course 10 hours 380€
Advanced kitesurfing lessons 2 hours 120€



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