2016 Wetsuits

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Winter finally arrived to Gran Canaria. Though it´s sunny and hot, the mornings and evenings are chilling, the water is fresh, and it´s time to put the long wetsuit on. Right in time the winter 2016 collection is in the shop. We have all the range of sizes, included the intermediate MS, MT, LS, LT, and difficult to find 8T, 10S and 2 (XXXS-XXS) women sizes. We will find a solution for everybody and any body.
It´s easy to get lost in the variety of models, colours and sizes. If you want to see the light in the tunnel of commercial stands full of wetsuits, read our resume of the neoprene suits offer for this winter. Comming soon: a “How to” choose your wetsuit correctly, a couple of advises on how to take care of your suit and a short film of how to get in a wetsuit without trouble starring our stunning and voluptuous companion Yessica.

News of the world of wetsuits 2016

The colour palette this year is quite uniform in all the brands. Yellow and orange details over a grey base, as well as black and dark blue colours predominate in men wetsuits. Xcel outstands with it´s green and black neoprene suit. In women models violet is in fashion. However, Rip Curl keeps playing it safe with it´s aquamarine Omega suit while Flashbomb changed the colour to a nice esthetic deep blue with electrtic pink details. We still have some Flashbomb suits in grey and violet from the previous year´s collections if you prefer the classic design. ION bets on matt blue, the wetsuit is very restrained but elegant. In general, seems that fluor summer colours have passed away and gave place to dark winter outfits.

This winter in Pozowinds we increase the offer of brands for wetsuits. We still work with well known Rip Curl and Xcel, ION wetsuits have gained our confidence and keep occupying central place in our shop. We also provide you with men Mystic wetsuits this season (not with women Mystic wetsuits though), and serve classics from O´Neill, the brand that had a very good acceptance among our clients this summer.

A big novelty of this season is an introduction of a new brand in our shop – MUTANT – a brand from Gran Canaria that gains it´s position rapidly on the market.

Besides this new brand´s introduction, we´ve increased the stock of kids and women wetsuits. In middle level and high range suits we´ve concentrated out attention on front zipper wetsuits, that are claimed to be more waterproof, more elastic and more comfortable for all water activities than the back zipped wetsuits. We still offer the last ones in more económic models, so the back zipper devotees still have options.

Amongst the neoprene suits offered in our shop (both in front zipper option and back zipper) you will find a lot of interesting options. The wetsuits are not “surfing only”: kitesurfing and windsurfing lovers have wide choice of neoprene suits that include velcro straps in the ankles and drain holes – small holes and slimmer neoprene inserts that serve to drain the water that can ocasionally get into the wetsuit.


In O´Neill wetsuits we´ve centered our attention on Superfreak model. We have it in 3/2 for men, 4/3 for women and 3/2 for children. Superfreak is an económic wetsuit with good quality neoprene and highly elaborated stiching in both adult and “mini” options.

The kids wetsuit is visually more attractive, as it´s colourful and cheerful: electric blue and neon lime. You won´t loose sight of your kid, guaranteed. For more serious guys the same model has a calm deep blue option.

The suit has improved it´s elasticity (the stretch factor is 150%). O´Neill suits have special pattern that avoids armpit blisters formation.


As for the finish cualities, comparing to the other similar wetsuits, the O´Neill wetsuit has better stitching than the average.
O´Neill sais to count with an exclusive technology in stitching. According to their official web page, the thread only goes part way through the neoprene. If a suit is blindstitched, it is also glued so there is no leakage through the seams. Glued and blind stitched construction provides a waterproof seam. A blindstitched suit is also taped in all areas of excessive stress. This technic is also used by the other companies, but the difference between an average stitching and O’Neill’s exclusive “Flexlock” blindstitch, according to the official information is that the last one is stronger, more resistant and flexible than the traditional blindstitch and eliminates unraveling of the seam. O’Neill’s proven GBS-glued and blindstichted seam is double-stitched partially through the surface and triple glued to create a watertight seam. If the thread breaks, the seam will not leak. What we do confirm is that on sight and at touch the O´Neill sealing feels more narrow and thick, though still very elastic. It´s also true that O´Neill wetsuits have proven to be highly resistant, we had only a couple of warranty incidents during the last year of distribution and the brand´s feedback on warranty issues was immediate! Though Gran Canaria is not used to this brand, that is actually world known and a big classic un the USA, there are no reasons for mistrust. This company has only few models of wetsuits, but they are well tested and finished, have good quality and low price, and the warranty and customer service are very good.


In Xcel suits we continue working wuth Infinity model. This wetsuit combines the best from all the rest: good price, quality and design. Don´t expect prices below 200 Euros on this model, because we are talking about a midium-high range wetsuit. But the price is low taking in consideration the qualities of the wetsuit.

Xcel Infinity has very good quality of stitching. The technology used in Infinity Xcel neoprene suit is called Thermo Dry Celliant. It´s a thermic cloth that covers the back and the chest of the suit that contains titanium threads. We´ve already covered this technology in previous publications. This is the “secret weapon” of Infinity, that makes it very warm and easy to dry. Some wetsuit´s details were improved this year, for example the sleeves closing seams that became more elastic than the previous years.

This wetsuit is represented in two thicknesses: 3/2 y 4/3, for men and women, and also for children.

Great news: we have Xcel Infinity Youth for children! This wetsuit may seem expensive. Some parents may think that buying it is not worth of it, as a kid´s wetsuit has a shorter “lifespan” due to the kids´ growth. The truth is that actually it´s a good investment if your kid passes a lot of time in the water. Children loose heat faster than adults, they get cold easily, so they need better wetsuits to feel comfortable in the water. Infinity is infallible. And it´s very elastic, so your kid will be able to use it more time than you think. The qualities of this suit are exactly the same as in adult wetsuits. Having a quality wetsuit will help you to encourage your child to enter in the water.

In men range Infinity offers an interesting option: Infinity Wind. This is exactly the same Infinity wetsuit, but with some additional details: water drain holes on the back and ankles and velcro straps to prevent water accumulation in the lower part of the wetsuit. This is an important detail for kitesurfers. If you are tired of “flared trousers” this model is perfect for you.

Of course Xcel has a high range wetsuit – Drylock, – and we serve it by order and according to the availability in stock


Good news for the ones who are worried about the environment: ION wetsuits are not derived from petroleum oil. They are made from highly elasticated and certified Limestone Neoprene from Japan. The raw material polychloroprene comes from calcium carbide which is extracted from limestone – scientifically known as calcium carbonate. Even though this production method uses a lot of energy to operate the electric arc furnaces which process the limestone, this energy comes from hydropower. Hydropower produces no carbon dioxide or other harmful emissions and therefore does not contribute towards global warming.

In men wetsuits ION has made a significant change: the wider arm sleeve that we´ve seen in the previous years´ editions has passed away, now the sleeve is standard. ION also changed qualities in some suits models and the range chart. This means that if there is a wetsuit that you like from the previous years and want to renew, you´ll have to check up if your model conserves it´s properties. There is a huge variety of wetsuits, to simplify we´ve chosen to work only with few of them: Onyx and Element for men and Isis for women.

Onyx is a medium level wetsuit with front zipper. It has double stitching and glueing in the areas that are normally more affected by the deformation: between the legs and on the knees. The cloth is soft and elastic and the design is very nice and flashy. This year ION wetsuits stand out due to their design.

Element is a wetsuit with back zipper. It´s robust and comfortable. It´s a low level wetsuit, but it has all that you may need to enjoy water sports without being worried about the water temperature: water drain holes on the back and on the ankles, rubber chest and back that protect from the wind and a “watergate” (an additional neoprene layer between the zipper and the back that improve the waterproofness of the wetsuit).

Of course, we cannot compare this wetsuit with a high level one: it does not have sealed wrists and ankles, the seams are simple and the elasticity of the garment is different as well. But it´s a good economic option.

As for the Isis woman wetsuit, we have to make an important observation. This wetsuit won our hearts (included mine) in 2013: it was extremely comfortable and had a lot of advanced qualities as special warm and fast drying cloth on the chest, anti odour treatment, hermetically sealed ankles and wrists, water draining holes on the back and on the ankles and velcro stripes on the legs. This year´s Isis 2016, as well as the previous one (2015) has two different models: Isis and Isis AMP. The Isis AMP has all the mentioned “upgrades” of the original 2013 wetsuit that we liked so much, but the regular Isis does not. It´s a basic surf wetsuit with front zipper. It´s very elastic, nice and works perfectly well, and the seams are finished in the same way as in it´s tuned-up relative, but this “basic” model Isis does not have the “extras” of the 2013th wetsuit. If you want the tuned-up wetsuit you will have to go for the AMP model. We only sell the basic Isis, as the AMP model is quite expensive.

Rip Curl.

Rip Curl is represented by 4 models of wetsuits in our shop: Omega, Flashbomb, Dawn Patrol and Ebomb, the last one in several new colours. All of them, except the Omega, have the front zipper, these are the wetsuits recommended for surfing. Although Rip Curl gave us a surprise – a no zipper wetsuit (you may consider it a newcomming or a “back to future”, depends). In the beginning it scares… One thinks: “How can I get into THIS?” If you give it a chance and try you will see that it´s easy: the fabric is so elastic that there is absolutely no difference between getting into a normal front zipped wetsuit and no zipper one.

“And the winner is…” Flashbomb. This wetsuit is the most elastic and the warmest above the rest in the Rip Curl line and I assume above all the wetsuits we´ve been talking about.

This is the most complete, dry, warm and cosy wetsuit. We have it in 3/2 and 4/3. The 3/2 in Flashbomb actually will make the same job as a 4/3 in a normal double layer wetsuit, it is just as worm as a thicker wetsuit. The clue is a Flash Dry Lining – a fluffy and soft inner layer that covers all the inside of the wetsuit except the sleeves (check up the photo of the inside of the wetsuit). This garment, besides of fast drying and water repellent, adds an extra layer of air between the body and the wetsuit. This means a better thermic isolation. The result is the best wetsuit for those who are cold easily. The seams are exceptional: the traditional double glued and stitched seam is thermo-sealed as well. Still, the seams stay elastic, that prevents the thermo-sealing from cracking up. This is THE detail that makes Rip Curl wetsuits seams different from the competence. The wetsuit counts on the water draining holes, sealed ankles and wrists and wind chill chest. As an extra – very light weight. This wetsuit is the 5 stars.

Good news for girls: the same wetsuit is available for women in 3/2 and 4/3. The women´s model is available in deep blue with electric rose inserts, meanwhile the men´s one is dark blue and black. The girl´s wetsuit has exactly the same qualities as the men´s one.


The E-bomb line for men and women is similar to Flashbomb, but this line is a lower level, that means that the wetsuit is more basic: no fluffy inner layer, no extra sealed seams. You can choose from several colours. E-bomb´s colour range has more variety than the rest of the brands. As we´ve pointed out already, you have a front zipper and a no zipper option. The key pocket has a new upgrade: a magnetic closing.

In our shop you will also find Dawn Patrol wetsuit – the low level wetsuit in the “super-elastic” surf-suits Rip Curl´s line, it´s the cheapest wetsuit among them all.

Finally, we present you the Omega model in 3/2 and 4/3 for women, men and kids. These wetsuits are cheap, nice and handy. They are designed for occasional water-sports practicing, for those who start with water sports and want to have a wetsuit without making a huge investment. It´s also a perfect wetsuit for big buddies (or big bodies, as you prefer), for older people, for those who had injuries that affect the mobility and make it complicated getting into a front-zipped wetsuit, or just for people who like the back zipper wetsuit for whatever reason. If you pass a lot of time in the water we recommend you to go for a higher level wetsuit, even if it means waisting more money.


Mutant wetsuits are a big newcomming. This wetsuits are cheap and well finished. They have all the upgrades of a middle level wetsuit (key pocket, blind stitched and glued seams, front zipper, good level of elasticity, water drain holes) combined with a very attractive price. This wetsuit has improved a lot comparing with it´s first editions.

These wetsuits are made and designed in Canary Islands and tested here. They have 2 years warranty instead of a 1 year that is normally offered by the majority of the brands. From Pozowinds we congratulate our friends who took the initiative of producing these wetsuits!