Loick Lesauvage F 80 surfing on starboard tack

A breathtaking new in the world windsurfing: Loick is pushing really hard. This junior competitor is only 15 years old (!). But his repertoire already includes forwards, one leg backloops, low but very well executed pushloops y and even a double forward intent!!! In wave riding this kid is absolutely incredible. Besides his very good style and super vertical turns and radical cut backs, Loick shows us his capacity to nail perfect goiters, takas and wave 360 one after another.

Loick has just published his new professional high quality video, sailing on a starboard tack. Have a glimpse, you will like it… First get your screen far from your teenager daughter cause this guy is a true heartbreaker ;)

VISSLA – the brand that uses Loick in wetsuits – also makes clothing, that will be available in Pozowinds this next summer.

Chapter I #TRIBORD from Loick Lesauvage F780 on Vimeo.