It´s not what you think, it´s a Cornice Firewire!

Firewire breaks the schemes again

This frivolous gadget you see on the photo is actually a revolution in the surfing world, impulsed by Firewire. We don´t know which dietary supplements Dan Mann and Eduardo Cenzano, the designers of this shape, use in their day-by-day, but the thing is that in Firewire they did it again: they hit the apple! Here goes a fusion of a narrow board with it´s tight turns and nice rail grip and a wide tail for good speed.

Do you want to know how it works? Here we go with an official Firewire video!

The Cornice from Firewire Surfboards on Vimeo.

The press release for Cornice that Firewire publishes in its web is quite short. But we took the guide´s “umbrella”, as always, and ordered a couple of test units to know what we deal with.

Our Canarian clients saw our riders and friends recently in the northern beaches with the Cornice. And during the last two days our “Big Boss” Jonas was out of office launching himself in the ocean with this strange board… Taking in consideration that in the end of this week the conditions were poor and we did nod have huge swells, we´ve got solid feedback for small and fluffy waves The Cornice is above all the expectations. It´s a very playful board. It has quite a lot of volume in the nose that makes the paddling and “planning” easy, the board floats easily above the foam that will help you to get the nose out of the sudden close outs. The slim “neck” improves rapid and tight turns, that is fundamental for small waves carving. With the Cornice you can take a maximum advantage on the weight switching to accelerate or slow up the board, as well as pivoting when the wave does not have enough power to push you through a rail-based turn.

On the other hand, we´ve got positive reports on the Cornice in stronger conditions from our riders and friends. According to them, this board is a very interesting option in shallow waves or rapid sections. Here is where the central zone enters the game. Its narrow and gives a great lateral grip. The wide tail hastens the board trough critical sections. The Cornice from Firewire will get you out of difficult situations plenty of times.

Finally, we have to mention, that other brands have tried to make similar boards using them more as a marketing trick rather as a firm wager. We´ve seen even a Stand Up Paddle board with a form of a… Cornice. But this is the first time the board with such an bizarre shape REALLY WORKS!

WE HAVE A UNIT FOR TEST, as usual, in our shop, so you can try it by your own and form your own opinion about the Cornice!

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