ZINKA! – not harmful physical barrier sun protector – in Pozo

Pozowinds presents ZINKA!

What is sun protector ZINKA?

Zinka is a sun protector cream that works as a physical barrier. During the last 25 years the company Zinka was developing, testing and producing the high quality sun protectors suitable for the practice of water sports. These sun protectors have as these main ingredient the Zinc Oxide combined with other natural components. Zinka’s goal is to get the most resistant to the water, powerful, and healthy sun cream in the market. The products offered by this brand include UVA and UVB rays blockers for all the ages and in all the formats> in stick, cream, spray. Zinka is the first in the market to offer a COLORED cream that contains the Zinc Oxide as a principal active element. The dermatologists recommend the sun protection creams for a daily use. Zinka make this easier by proposing a new format for the protector: a comfortable spray.

Why Zinka?

The Zinc Oxide is considered nowadays the most efficient and less harmful for the health sun protector. The other classical ingredients that are used in the protectors industry are Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Phenol, PABA, Octorylene, etc, they are dangerous or harmful for the health and can provoke cancer. Some of these ingredients help the other chemicals to penetrate in the blood current and create free radicals.

The zinc oxide is a secure element always when it is not used in a nano-particles form. It protects efficiently from UVA and UVB rays. It is also known by its use for skin disorders treatment. It can be used by children and people with sensitive skin.