Hook up to Pozowinds!

Get hooked up to windsurfing with the best harness lines on the market!

cabos de arnes poowinds

After the great success of Pozowinds masts, we continue to increase the range of products of our own brand. Now comes the turn of the harness lines. And our label, staying by the beach and with its hands on the pulse of changes and new-comings, as usual makes its best to resolve the necessities of our clients and to offer immediate solutions.

Thus, taking in consideration the magnificent acceptance that AL360 SLIM booms have had on the market, the lack of adaptation of existing harness lines to extra-slim booms impulsed us to offer harness lines specially invented and thought for these booms, that placed us in front of all the other brands.

We guarantee exceptional stiffness and durability, inclusive in tough Pozo Izquierdo´ conditions! And even more than that: we guarantee the perfect adjustment to all types of booms, slimmest included. Your lines will not move anymore, until you want them to move!

cabos de arnes pozowinds en pozo izquierdolos mejores cabos de arnes de windsurfing pozowinds