Mystic 2014. The new collection is in Pozowinds

Oh my God!!! This is complete crazyness! Almost no time has passed from he day we announced the arrival of the new GoPro Hero 3+ to our shop, and we already have newcommings! Several days ago we recieved a new product line of Mystic 2014.

Harnesses, poncho, wetsuites, shoes, bikinis ans pants, bags and clothes! Can you resist it? If in all the variety of products that we have you could not find a harness that fits you perfectly or a wetsuit that strikes you, now is the moment to come and see us and have a look at the newcomings.


You will get wordless when you see how our shop changed with all this new products of Mystic. Boardshorts and T-shirts for men, shorts and bikinis for women, windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing accessories – this is crazyness!


What are you waiting for? Be the first to see it!