Pozowinds mast: good, nice and cheap!

We present you the new Pozowinds mast: a perfect combination of superior quality with the most competitive price. This is a REVOLUTION in masts world!

Our masts were DEVELOPED and TESTED in POZO IZQUIERDO, one of the most difficult and demanding spots of the world. They were tested not only by professional riders in extreme conditions, but also by beginners and advanced users of all the ages and weights, 365 days of the year, in hurricane winds, in waves and choppy. Tested in our Pro-Shop and in our windsurfing school Salinas Pro-Center, this mast is wrought to be proof to the wildest catapults and highest and riskiest backloops!


Pozowinds offers you a range of masts of different sizes and strength: 300 (A VITAL MEASURE TO TRIM SMALL SAILS, included the kids sails and sails for very strong winds, THAT ALMOST NO COMPANIES OFFER NOWADAYS), 340, 370, 400 y 430, with 60 and 80 percent of carbon.

For a super cheap price, from 180 Euros, you will have a mast with 2 year guarantee!

If you still have doubts, as usual, we offer the possibility to TEST it, as we have units for testing!